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Hair Salon La Jolla: Keratin Treatment FAQs




keratin treatment La Jolla CAHow does a keratin treatment work?
A keratin treatment uses a special blend of proteins and peptides to penetrate the hair cuticle and reduce stiffness and natural curl.  The keratin formula delivers  important conditioning and moisturizing ingredients which improve the softness and helps to reduce friction,  enabling the hair to better withstand heat.  The hair also becomes less prone to breakage and has improved  manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to damage and improving softness and shine.

Is a keratin treatment the same as a relaxer or a chemical straightener?
No.  Unlike other methods of straightening hair, a keratin treatment does not use harsh chemicals.  A keratin treatment is not a permanent straightener like a relaxer or a chemical hair straightener.   Our La Jolla hair salon uses a keratin formula that contains no artificial ingredients and no dangerous chemicals so it is very gentle on your hair.  The amount of smoothing will depend upon the type of hair that you have as well as other factors including how you take care of your hair following the treatment.  Over time, your hair will gradually return to its pre-treatment state.

How long will a keratin treatment last?

A keratin treatment can last for many weeks, depending upon after care, how frequently you wash your hair, and the type of hair that you have.  For best results,  we recommend that you do not use over the counter shampoos & conditioners on your hair.   When you visit our La Jolla hair salon for your service, we can recommend specific products that will increase the longevity of your beautiful, smooth hair following your treatment.

Can a keratin treatment be done on any type of hair?

Yes.  This is one of the benefits of a keratin treatment.  It can be applied to hair that has been color-treated, highlighted, relaxed, bleached, or permed as well as virgin hair.   A keratin treatment can actually be applied after a color service to help seal in the color with excellent results.

If I want a second keratin treatment a few months after the first, can I have a root touch up or do I need another complete treatment?
You will need to receive the treatment again from the roots to ends. The treatment will be increasingly more effective every time you receive it.

Can I swim in a pool or in the ocean?
Exposure to salt water and chlorine will reduce the longevity of your keratin treatment.  Both of these types of water tend to have negative effects on the treatment by stripping the keratin molecules out of your hair cuticle.   In order to prevent the loss of keratin from your hair, we recommend  that you saturate your hair with a leave-in conditioner so that chlorine or salt water cannot be absorbed by the hair strands.  Then shampoo and condition your  hair immediately after swimming in order to remove the chlorine.


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