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Hair Salon La Jolla: GK Keratin Treatments

What can a keratin treatment from our La Jolla hair salon do for you?  Imagine the joy of having beautiful, smooth frizz free hair without having to spend endless time with straightening products and flat irons.   With a GK Hair Keratin Treatment your hair can be transformed from frizzy and out of control, to soft and smooth!   The GKhair Light Wave, Curly and Resistant formulas are professional in-salon treatments that penetrate the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz for 3-5 months. After your treatment, you can maintain your new sleek hair with after-care products that will help promote and enhance your style.


A GK keratin treatment from our La Jolla hair salon reduces the stiffness in the hair, this reduction or softening effect causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer.  Our high quality keratin formula is absorbed by the hair, giving it conditioning and moisturizing. This improves the softness and reduces friction enabling the hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair less prone to breakage and improves overall better manageability. On both wet and dry hair, you will notice less tangles and a decrease in the amount of time needed to blow dry.

The secret ingredient is Juvexin, a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair. Juvexin has been developed to protect and restore the hair.   It puts back the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair which are usually lost over time due to age, heat styling, chemical processing, and exposure to the elements. There is nothing artificial and no harsh chemicals are used in this keratin treatment.


Benefits of a GK keratin treatment:

        Will straighten as well as strengthen hair
        Will transform stiff and coarse hair textures to soft and smooth
        Provides exceptional moisture and conditioning to your hair
        Enables hair to withstand heat from blow dryers and styling tools
        Reduces the amount of breakage by making hair stronger
        Improves texture and enhances manageability
        Reduces styling time