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La Jolla Hair Salon Flat Iron Styling

la jolla hair salon model with flatiron


A flat iron can easily become the favorite styling tool of anyone who desires a stick-straight style.  Flat irons are also amazing tools for creating flipped out ends and other techniques.   Here are a few tips from our La Jolla hair salon to ensure that you get a beautiful style every time:

    * First protect your hair with a good moisturizer or use a thermal protective spray on your hair.  Thermal protective sprays and products are best to use on your hair while it is still damp.   Give your hair time to dry and absorb the product before heat styling.   

    * Make sure that your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron.  Using a flat iron on wet or damp hair can damage the hair.  It will also not be as effective in creating the style that you want.  Damp hair can also create frizz when a flat iron is used on it.

    * Separate your hair into sections to make it easier to manage.  Work in small sections instead of large ones to make sure that the head is evenly dispersed throughout your hair.  Once you have a manageable section, press it between the plates of the flat iron and use gentle pressure as you draw the iron down to the tips of your hair. Your movement should be even and moderately fast - don't allow the iron to linger on any spot for long.
    * Use an appropriate temperature for your hair type.  If your hair is very coarse or curly, choose a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees.  If your hair is very fine or color-treated, use a lower temperature setting below 300 degrees.  Do not use any temperature over 400 degrees as this can cause damage to your hair.


How to Create Flipped Out Ends

Use the same motions as you would use to straighten your hair, except when you near the tip of your hair, turn the iron in the direction you want the flip and use a wrist motion to flip the ends outward.
How to Create Curls

First begin with a small section of hair close to the scalp.  Press the hair between the flat iron and rotate the flat iron in about one and a half turns.  Firmly draw the flat iron down the length of your hair while holding it in an angled position, and then release.   This technique can be used for adding curls and waves throughout your hair.