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Pravana Perfection Keratin Treatment FAQs

What makes Pravana Perfection SmoothOut effective?
Perfection’s proprietary Nano- Amino Complex miraculously suspends the internal textural memory of the hair to safely transform it to a new, soft and sensual look and feel.
How long will a Pravana Perfection Smoothout last?
Our La Jolla salon recommends that you follow the Perfection SmoothOut service with regular use of the Perfection Smoothing Sulfate, Salt and Paraben- free Shampoo and Conditioner.  With proper care, the hair will retain its new sleek and smooth memory state for 8-12 weeks. It will then gradually return to its pre-service state.


If I have had another straightener/ relaxer done to my hair can I still have the Perfection SmoothOut done?
Yes, Perfection SmoothOut is gentle enough to be performed over previously treated hair w/ keratin, formaldehyde, sodium, or calcium hydroxide relaxers.

Can Perfection be used on African-American or ethnic hair types with stronger curl?
Perfection can be used on all hair types and conditions including African-American and other ethnic-type hair.   Perfection will reduce curl by up to 90% with the initial service at our La Jolla hair salon.  However, in most cases, a second application will eliminate any curl that remains.
Will Perfection damage or affect my hair color?
As the solution penetrates the hair fiber, in some instances you may experience some color displacement. If you do experience color loss you can immediately refresh the color following the Perfection service at our La Jolla hair salon. When coloring, it’s always advisable to color AFTER the Perfection service.