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Short2Long Hair Extensions La Jolla

Short2Long Hair Extensions

Short 2 Long hair extensions are one of several hair extension lines offered at our La Jolla hair salon.  Short2Long Hair Extensions offer innovative strand by strand hair extensions that are attached with tiny color coated link tubes.   Add volume, length, and highlights to your hair in little time.  Short2Long hair extensions use NO heat, NO glue, and NO wax....and NO hurtful bonding agents.  These hair extensions are top quality and comfortable to wear and allow you to have the hair of your dreams!
Short2Long Hair Extensions are easy, fast and simple to apply, remove and reuse.  They can be colored and styled with hot tools just like your normal hair.   Schedule a hair extension consultation at our salon in La Jolla today.

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    * Shampoo hair in a gentle manner no more than 2-3 times a week.
    * Condition hair from the mid shaft to the ends. Use a salon quality conditioner. Lightly rinse with cool water, leave some conditioner on hair.
    * Use an extension brush on the extensions, work from the bottom to the top
    * Always make sure your hair is dry and tied back in a loose ponytail or braid before going to sleep
    * Brush short2long lengths three times a day
    * Curling irons, flatirons and hot rollers may be used
    * Seawater and pools can cause dryness to the extensions. To minimize these effects wet hair completely in a shower prior to swimming. After swimming, shampoo well and apply condition.

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